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Good health starts with a healthy digestive system

Vivomixx® is a concentrated food supplement containing eight different strains of important live bacteria essential to balancing the digestive system.

Developed by a medical doctor and professor of infectious diseases and immunology, Vivomixx® has been proven in scientific studies to support good digestive health.

Our gut. How it works

The intestinal microflora is composed of more than 500 different bacterial species that live in a delicate balance among themselves and with the human body. The colon is the region of our gut where there is the highest concentration of bacteria, between 10 and 100 billion bacteria/ml of feces material considering an average total contents of 1500 ml of feces material.

The intestinal microflora is very important for our health because it is able to:

  • fight against pathogenic bacteria through a mechanism of competition and the production of antibacterial substances (bacteriocine, H²O², lactic acid, etc,);
  • produce short chain fatty acids, the most important nourishment for enteric cells;


Vivomixx® is a safe, gluten-free food supplement that can be taken daily to support the digestive health of all your family

Vivomixx for children Vivomixx®
for children

We live immersed in bacteria and
"good bacteria" are important for good growth!

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It’s very important to maintain the balance
of your intestinal microflora to keep healthy!

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A healthy flora
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